ZWL Solutions

ZWL Solutions provide a broad suite of virtual office assistance and market research services conducted by a team amalgamating extensive knowledge and over 20 years experience in marketing / market research.

Virtual Office Assistant Services

In addition to the Marketing and Market Research Services, we offer a variety of virtual office assistance for you and your team.

For further information on our Virtual Assistant services, please contact us:

  • Online / Desk Research
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations: Whether you want your content added to an existing template, or wish for a template to be created from scratch. Including Multi-Media Presentations
  • Audio Transcriptions
  • Social Media Management / Content
  • WordPress Blog Maintenance and Population (Basic Programming and CSS skills)
  • Formatting of Microsoft Office Documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher…)
  • Typing up Hand Written / Printed Notes / Text
  • Data Entry / Analysis

With decades of experience in a wide range of programs and software, please do not hesitate to ask if what you need is not listed here!

Market Research Services

Zero Waste Llama offers over 20 years extensive international market research expertise to provide accurate insights into your industry.

For further information on our market research services, please contact us:

We conduct full-service primary market research within the UK.  Market research will assist you to create a thorough marketing plan for your business through better understanding of:

  • customers
  • demand for your products / services
  • competitors
  • general economic and market trends
  • channels of marketing and communication

Furthermore, opportunities for growth and expansion can be identified, and the information gathered can be used to help you develop robust marketing and business plan.

For Qualitative Market Research in Germany, please contact Attfield Dykstra Research.

Eco-Product Testing, Description & Review Writing Services

In addition to the above, I offer product reviewing and/or descriptions – but ONLY for eco/sustainable products.

Why? I believe firmly that striving towards a Zero Waste and a more sustainable lifestyle, should be part of everything which I do.

For further information on the product testing, product description and/or product review writing services, please contact me on:

Product Testing

I am always looking out for new and improved alternatives which will aid my sustainable lifestyle, with the goal of Zero Waste. It would be my honour to test your products to this end! (If I love them, and with your permission, I would like to review them on Zero Waste Llama – My Eco-Blog).

Product Description Writing

Your product descriptions are one of the most important aspects of presenting your Eco-Product – or service! – to your desired target group. The description has the ability to make or break a sale, so it needs to be perfect from the start – and ideally written by somebody with your eco-friendly ethos at heart!

Product Review Writing

I am more than happy to put your Eco / Sustainable products to the test, and write an honest review on Zero Waste Llama – My Eco-Blog.


“We literally can’t believe how thorough and amazing your review is. This is probably our best review to date!

Thank you so much for the time it took you to do so… and for all your kind and honest words!

We wouldn’t be where we are today without fans like you”

Dingbats* Notebooks

ZWL is striving towards Zero Waste

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